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Culinarium Concrete Kitchenware

Handmade Concrete Salt Cellar

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This gorgeous Handmade Concrete Salt Cellar  measures 4.3" tall by 4" in diameter. The MODULE 6/6 Stacking Cellar Set includes two stacking vessels that each have a 6 fl oz capacity. Thoughtfully designed with integrated cork gaskets to not only seal both containers but also provides a non scratch surface for your table top. Perfect for an elegant table service or simply displayed on your counter top for everyday use, the Concrete Salt Tower, has a minimalist functional flair. Do note, each item is handmade and will patina with wear, adding to the charm of our artisans creation. Culinarium Concrete Kitchenware design, made in the USA.

Handmade Concrete Salt Cellar  Stacking Containers

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