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January 29, 2016 2 min read

It's Valentines Day season again, bring out the love stories that aren't so much oooeey-gooey, lovey dove types! Lets also make it full of great music, mod clothing and lots of giggles.
I present you with one of my favorites starring Dudley Moore and Peter Cook! The comedic pair wrote and star in this charmer, Bedazzled.. (a man who loves a woman so much he can't quite go on, fails at suicide and inadvertently sells his soul to the devil to be with her) Moore plays unlucky in love and Cook is the devil of course. Various comedic scenes to win the girl/lose the girl..ensue. (Later this movie goes on to be destroyed by Hollywood, starring Brendan Frasier)



The score is also written and performed by Dudley and Peter. It is brilliant and totally sold me on this film. What stands out to me is the scene where the Stanley (Moore who is granted several wishes) is trying to become a pop star to impress the woman of his dreams, when the Devil aka George Spiggot (Cook) one ups him yet again! There a a few versions of the song that are all so impressive in their own right. A cult hit for sure and such fun to view. The first two videos will be Dudley aka Stanley performing the song he hopes will drive the woman of his dreams straight into his arms, by litterally BEGGING her to LOVE HIM https://youtu.be/UJH6nEEDYMA. Immediately following Stanley's performance, Peter Cook aka Devil aka Spiggot aka Drumble Wedge and the Vegetations performs,  https://youtu.be/Au9_vfx6t6c , does the bad boy routine and knocks it out of the park (Side note, Cooks One Piece is a bad ass suit, not for every man). I don't want to include too many spoilers, so I leave you here with the film.
The more interesting sounds to note are Moore's Jazz trio version of the song https://youtu.be/yQQHSy9Rxw8, takes  a totally different sound and tone vs the pop versions. Lastly a more modern take The Love Interest cover (Martin Atkins of Ministry and Chris Connelly a side project of the two), https://youtu.be/uRAdx8r0mTc?list=PL73s59tvfngp01kaQ3AdaqB7OwFIFGYqO which is unexpected but incredible as well.
Have a happy Valentines Day!

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