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Herman Miller for Eames

Vintage Eames Shell Chair By Herman Miller

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Customize your Vintage Eames Chair By Herman Miller! These are gently, previously loved chairs from the famous design duo Eames and Herman Miller. Manufactured in the US, this particular shell color is from a 1962 catalog, color is Light Ochre, which to some would resemble a mustard yellow color, with a tinge more brown than yellow. It is very complimentary color to most others and looks particularly striking with light and dark pinks, turquoise and lilac. It is a color that is common in nature and brings out vibrancy in other colors surrounding it. A collectible addition to your home. You choose the base! The bases are new, re-created on vintage designs. Choose from the Dark wood, Light Blonde or Silver metal Eiffel Tower base. Buy one and put it in a corner on display, it will instantly perk up any room! Also great around the dining table for an modern dining look. Shipping is $40 and will take 7 -10 days. Take note to plan accordingly.

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Vintage Eames Shell Chair By Herman Miller

Customize Your Chair!

Features Authentic Herman Miller Stamp and Manufacturing Stamps

Light Ochre Color

Fiberglass Shell

Gently Loved Vintage Chair

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