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Orange Blush

Minimalist Brass Cube Necklace

Strung on faux suede chains, the Minimalist Brass Cube Necklace shines for its simplicity. Can be worn with simply anything, dress up, dress down, and definitely wear when naked. It will always look flawless and its beauty lies with in it's simplicity. The cube is hollow brass and will patina with age. Natural oxidation of the metal occurs with brass, however, you can polish it, but letting it age gracefully is what life is all about. The ends are finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp and Vintage German glass bead in an opalescent shade of warm bright pinks, purples and oranges.  Choose your faux sueded cording from storm, flamingo or bright cali sunshine . We call it Minimalist in design, but there is nothing simple about it. 18 inch chain, Orange Blush Design.

Minimalist Brass Cube Necklace, Faux Sueded Cording, Sterling Silver Clasp Finished with a Vintage German Glass Bead

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