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Culinarium Concrete Kitchenware

Trio of Handcrafted Gourmet Salt Set

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I love salt, I really, really do. I am especially fond of sea salts and creating flavored salts for foods. This Trio of Handcrafted Gourmet Salt Set is for those like minded sodium lovers. What you get in this great little package is a handcrafted Concrete Salt Cellar by Culinarium Concrete Kitchenware. A fantastic minimal design to hold the one ingredient that makes all food tastier, beautiful craftsmanship and genius, don't be taken by imitators, this is the original. This beautiful salt cellar stands about 2" high with a diameter of about 2.75", suitable for table service. Made in USA.

The Meadow is the authority on hand crafted artisan salts, this set includes their best sellers.

The Salts:
Meadow Fleur De Sel is hand harvested in Guatemala from the very same salt pans that supplied the Mayan Empire. Meadow Fleur De Sel has delicate crystals which provide a satisfying crunch and delicate mineral taste.

Medow Sel Gris which is ideal for roasting and grilling meats, sprinkled on vegetables, or any recipe where a fine general purpose salt is required.

Meadow Flake is hand harvested in the Mediterranean Sea. The massive pyramid crystals have a brilliant silver color and an intensely salty taste. Meadow flake adds a startling texture to food, and it also happens to be the perfect cocktail rimming salt.

Trio of Handcrafted Gourmet Salt Set

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