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Spit Fire Girl

Pop Life Coaster Set

Scene: Friends come by for drinks, its hot out, or the drink is icy..soon it is sweating all the way down to the table like a gross sweaty sweat-ster! WHAT! WAIT!! THE TABLE! Never fear, that is why Pop Life Coasters are here! These fun, funky, fresh to death little beauties are there to stop that horrible scene from occurring. Get these babies out to impress the guests, show your unique style, and definitely save a table from disaster. Think of it this way, you're saving your sanity AND your table. Now doesn't that feel better?

Pop Life Wooden Screen Printed Coasters, set of four features 4 different designs in one! Vintage inspired telephone, pointer finger (in this case it is OK to point), eyeball and bowler hat! That is 4 cute coasters in each set.

Measures 4" x 4"


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