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Ms Howell Necklace

The old ball and chain, Skinny Ms Howell Necklace, is a miniature boulder size of Howlite  slung on a heavy gauge (but lightweight to wear) 20 inch oxidized metal chain, for that hard hitter effect. We polished it off with a tiny gem sized charm at the clasp. This is not real turquoise (brothers and sisters, let the sounds of aww be upon us) but it does not make it any less impactful or interesting. This is a stone called howlite, dyed to mimic the style and color of actual turquoise. While some dealers will sell this to you and NOT tell you what you're getting, we here at OrangeBlush, want to make a product that isn't just fun to wear, but also buy aware. This is a fun piece and definitely statement jewelry! Large chains with a boulder of sky blue around your neck? What couldn't you ask for to jazz up that Southwestern look or your Rocker Chic night out. Wear it proud, everyone else will think it is real. 

Handcrafted USA, Silver Oxidized Metal Chain (heavy gauge), Howlite Stone, Lobster Clasp, OrangeBlush Exclusive

Ms Howell Necklace

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