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February 22, 2015 2 min read

Ladies who have shoulder length hair or longer know what I am talking about when I say, HAIRY necklace chains. It's just gross, unsightly and can make a girl never want to wear her most treasured pieces of jewelry again. Certainly, instinct tells you to pull the hair out of the chain. I am here to tell you that is a terrible idea, and one that can make it possible that you will never wear your favorite jewels again, or send you to the jeweler for ($$$$ ...how you make it rain with text, for those who don't know the term make it rain it looks like this http://gph.is/1krrFpF) costly repairs.

Now this could cause a little panic, but don't fret, I have a very easy, inexpensive solution for you! My personal go to solution for getting hair out of necklace chains is HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS. That's right...it isn't just for your legs or bikini zone any longer! Personally, I use the bikini cream, as it is typically made to be a little more gentle. I follow the directions on the packaging, which is usually apply the cream to the affected area for at least 3-4 min and then rinse off, comes out clear every time. There are many, many kinds of hair removers on the market, ranging from the old stand by's to the all natural varieties, so I recommend using the one that you're most familiar with or is made in line with your personal value system, i.e. not tested on animals, natural ingredients, etc.

I know, this would  be too easy to let it go with a "That's it! SO EASY!", but that isn't quite it. It wouldn't be a good tip if I didn't let you in on the fact that some metals can tarnish doing this, so you will need a good all purpose metal polish on hand to get that tarnish off. If you don't have one I recommend purchasing one. I promise, you will want to polish all your jewelry after one use. I have always used Maas all purpose metal polish, http://amzn.to/1Fhba6c and a soft cloth to buffer that shine. Works like a dream and you only need a few minutes to clean and the chain will be as good as new! This is the one I am most comfortable with, as it really is super easy to use. (No they are not paying me to write that about them...)

**DISCLAIMER**Let it be said, if your jewelry is made of painted metal or inexpensive plated metals, this method, could take that paint or coating off. I have not tested it on such varieties, so you will have to be your own investigator in that realm.**DISCLAIMER END**

I hope this helps! Please comment below if you have any questions, or methods that you have used and found work best. My way isn't the highway! Have a great week and keep on shining!

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