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October 27, 2014 2 min read

Halloween happens to be my favorite holiday. There is no family drama to speak of, people dress however they want (SIDE NOTE, I said Halloween, not WHORE-O-WEEN, which is a trend for women that really darkens my spirit), lots of candy is to be had, and SO many good and "bad" horror movies are aired. I use "bad" in quotations as I know my version of good is someone else's version of bad. That said, I love  stories about ghosts, witches, the devil (any time of year, really! A Christmas Carol is my favorite, because ghosts...) but Halloween is the time when it is perfectly acceptable and I don't have to explain myself! I am also known in some circles, to be the one in my house that is  "messing up" the Netflix queue with what some might consider my "questionable" taste in movies. Yet, despite my short comings in taste, I feel compelled to share with you some of my favorite CLASSICS...You have 5 days left to celebrate (or if you are like me, continue on as if nothing has changed! ). If you get too scared, you can always tell yourself, camera man's coming (that is the term my friends and I would shout when it was supposed to be the killer or creepers POV)! Side note, these are not in any order, as I disagree with "rating" things! In the comments below, share your favorites with me! I love knowing what everyone is watching! In case you missed the last post which was so long ago, feel free to go back! We have all our former blog entries still available. TTFN but tune in again when I show you how I re-purposed a tree stump as a low outdoor side table. Now, on with the goods...or bad..depends who you are...
1. The Haunting 1963 http://youtu.be/AeAzGxWlEcg
2. The Changeling 1980 http://youtu.be/xTzgXVosQOU
3. Rosemary's Baby 1968 http://youtu.be/PewtQsgN5uo
4. The Sentinel 1977 http://youtu.be/YMIssiMkt04
5. The Shining 1980 http://youtu.be/5Cb3ik6zP2I
6. The Devil Within Her 1975 http://youtu.be/wTbJ3SaLL6E
7. The Exorcist 1973 http://youtu.be/YDGw1MTEe9k
8. The Omen 1976 http://youtu.be/vVK42hD9IaY
10. House on Haunted Hill 1957 http://youtu.be/Bsa9ymSDoJ0
As I mentioned above these are CLASSICS, so expect classics haunts, spooks or scares, but don't expect gore and torture horror...most importantly do not miss them! Yes they have classic looks but they are truly enjoyable, oh and horrifying! (Personally,I try to watch each of these every year...Especially, The Shining, if I find myself caught in a snowstorm). Go on! Get watching and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
Ghost on Stairway

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