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March 30, 2014 2 min read

Well Spring has sprung and we could not be more grateful! This winter was long and grueling for most. It seemed as soon as someone was finished shoveling all that *@#$ing snow, more would come, or the colder it got! My poor Mid-Western Family and Friends thought they would never see the end of Old Man Winter, who should officially be re-named to Old Jerk Winter this year, he earned it! That in mind, I have created some new and colorful products to stimulate your senses, help you focus on the warm days to come! As a perk all orders that from this day forward are $50 or more, will always get free shipping! Free Shipping! Free Shipping! Yay!!!
Our new Up-Cycled Lego rings are named after famous Mid-Century Modern Architects from Palm Springs, CA, one of my favorite places to kick back and relax under the hot sun, poolside, with a nice refreshing drink in hand. Just a glimpse at the Palm Springs tourism website will tell you all you need to know. http://www.visitpalmsprings.com/page/mid-century-modern-architecture/8185 . All the rings are made from previously loved Lego's, fitted to a sterling silver band, that is previously sized. These are one of a kind only, no two are alike! Embrace the individuality! Then we have our hot summery coral ear threads in gold, featuring vintage German glass beads and 14kt gold ear threads. These are also one of a kind and such a versatile piece of jewelry. Dress them up or down you will look like a true fashionista. Our brass diamond earrings are also constructed with vintage German glass beads and certainly make a statement with any outfit..Hot summery colors accent the brass diamond shape. I just love these! All are Orangeblush.com designs, so take a look, roam around the site and definitely get into those great little succulent planters and air plant containers,because the best cure for the blues is surrounding yourself with the green! (Plants people, plants...) So Happy SPRING! Happy YOU and many thanks as always!

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