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August 31, 2014 3 min read

I hate to brag about our weather here as much as I hate to complain about our weather here. We are blessed, even on our coldest or dreariest day in San Diego, CA we are blessed. We are especially blessed when we get rain ALL DAY in August, during one of the worst droughts in history! As many of you know, I grew up a Mid-Westerner and will always be a Mid-Western Gal. I miss our thunderstorms, our thundersnows and the very first snowfall of the winter season. I miss the extreme quiet that you experience during a snowstorm, no one out except for that one neighbor who must snowblow their drive way at 10pm at night. I miss looking into the sky during a snow storm and having the snowflakes coat the lenses of my glasses, like that colorful soap at the carwash. I miss warm downpours of rain at an unexpected moment. WHAT I DO NOT MISS IS, waking up two hours early to shovel my car out from the curbside to get to work only for the plow to whiz by and plow me in again, forcing me to strain all the muscles I just overused to get out the first time, it is no wonder shoveling causes heart attacks! But this weekend in August in SOCAL we had thunderstorms and rain for ALL OF SATURDAY and it was glorious. I slept in, I did catch up on some work (take a look at our new goodies!), I took naps...Walked the doggie in the warm rain. It was what I thought was perfect, until this morning when the rain had subsided and the birds came out. I am a bird watcher, especially in my back yard, due to our rather large but troublesome tree. ( Tangent begin: This tree is perfect for all types of birds finches, mockingbirds, little gold finches, wrens, etc and some times an Opossum! It is a troubling tree during a period I call the Rain of Seeds, which is a time when all these little black and orange seeds fall from the tree wreaking a havocy mess in my yard. And I am the one who must sweep it all up which is a chore that has to be done DAILY during this time!  : End Tangent) Today we had an awesome noisy surprise,  a gang of Wild Parrots took to the tree, made a bunch of noise and were off again! I was thrilled they arrived, exhilarated by their presence and saddened by their immediate departure. I will still consider it a good omen, that gang of Wild Green Parrots who thought my tree was perfect enough for two min to make A LOT of noise in and leave. To them I say, thank you and come back soon, (please eat all of the seeds).

Game Over Ring

Check back this week for some more new stuff to be added, as well as the awesome new goodies we added last week, our Back on the Chain Gang Necklace (only 1 left already! It's a popular item!), our Minimalist Brass Cube Necklace (in THREE great colors), Game Over Ring , Blood Diamond Key RIng (new colors to be added) and the That's a Wrap Bracelet! The awesome new Moffit Earrings sold out right away, but stay tuned for more great one of a kind rare vintage items to snag your own!

That's A Wrap Bracelet

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