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July 21, 2014 2 min read

Hey Everyone! I am so full of excitement about the things that are coming to Orange Blush this new quarter! We have had some busy days this summer traveling, working, helping loved ones, visiting, that it has been a challenge to stay focused and creative. Creativity is not something that just is. I think there is a mis-conception about creativity that has taken me some time to learn. You have to work at it and nurture it. You must create a little everyday, even if it is garbage, you can't improve if the canvas is blank (paraphrased from the site creativesomething.net)! So that said, each day I have been making a point to do a little something that creates, whether it is cooking, jewelry making, painting/drawing, taking photos, gardening...You get the idea, it is to get your hands and mind engaged and get into it!

Things at Orange Blush have been productive the last few weeks to bring you a new jewelry collection from us. These items will be exclusive to Orange Blush, because they are made by Orange Blush!  SOME items are one of a kind or only two of a kind, because of vintage items and curating we can't always do a bulk product idea. Here you are going to find unique handcrafted items which are up-cycled like our Lego rings, which makes items limited quantity! The rings get such great feedback and lately I have been getting requests for children's rings. I have created a few that are adjustable, so some mature small hands could wear them.  I don't recommend these rings for small children, as they are a jewelry item and no longer a toy, they may contain small parts that the littles may not be able to separate from their beloved toy, and could be a choking hazard. I don't like to see anyone hurt or suffer especially off something as fun as Lego and jewelry, so buyers you have been made aware! They are more or less a functional art ring, not as much a toy.

Our last image is a sneak peek at our trendy big chains necklace. Look for the new items to up on the site this week! Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts (see the links at the bottom of the page) to learn when new things pop up! Hit us up if you have any questions, and dont forget to sign up for our mailing list! You get 10% off your order. Best and Thank you!

Big Chains Tiny Bullet

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