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August 19, 2014 2 min read

Earlier in the year, we took some time off and flew to Hawaii...to be surrounded by yes, more sun, surf and delicious seafood. An overwhelmingly beautiful place that we didn't even get to see all of during our short stay. Since then, we discuss Hawaii often, living there, visiting there, island life, tiki bars, the dream has no intention of dying.

I am certain that everyone who thinks of Hawaii also imagines Tiki Statues and great fruity beach drinks, endless sunshine and beaches followed by nightly Luaus. Hawaii really isn't  just that, but tourist culture definitely plays its part to keep the dream alive. I don't feel we got enough of that lifestyle while we were there, as we kind of did our own thing and visited local fruit stands and fish markets instead of doing the hotel Luaus and tours. Needless to say, we are going back one day.....( insert dreamy music drifting into sounds of waves and Ukelele's)...

Since we missed Hawaii, we decided to entertain ourselves on a hot day and pretend we were in Hawaii, sort of....

I knew our city was having it's own Polynesian themed Tiki Oasis Convention, as we do every year. It is filled with ideals of the cocktail culture, surf rock, tiki statues, mugs, fashion, artwork, music and decor. Up until this year,  we had never gone. We ventured in to the too cool daddy-o subculture on the last day. Beatnicks, Tiki Gods, Go-Go dancers in bikini's, cocktails, and endless amount of vintage finds and great guests dressed to the nines! Think of it as Comic Con for the Rum-heads, JK, I am sure not EVERYONE who attends drinks cocktails , but we most assuredly enjoyed our Mai Tai and Chi Chi...I am definitely going to go again next year, and hopefully participate more. See ya there! (Next convention on my list is MOD Week in Palm Springs, I am more MAD for MOD than Tiki's)....

Vintage Stir Sticks Essentials for mixing
Tiki Mug (Leche) Speaks for itself, no?

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