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July 14, 2014 1 min read

Feeling thankful.

Life is busy, and we always have something to do, running, working or personal events to attend. It seems like it is non-stop sometimes and can get overwhelming. It can be a tough to just stop and give pause, collect and remember that life is made of some tiny almost insignificant moments that get overlooked. Some of those little moments make great memories to cherish later on. Today, I am thankful for friends, family and all the wonderful things in my life that can easily get over looked.

I appreciate, yesterday, when we had an impromptu pool BBQ party with friends, (which was sorely needed) that just about everyone could make it! It was so fun and tiring that I fell asleep before I could write my blog post! I appreciate that today when I have sat down to write my blog post that it started to rain (which was sorely needed in SO. Cal) Its about the little things. I hope all of you find those little things this week. Share them with me! I would love to know. A big thank you to the universe, all our customers, family and friends! With out you, these little and some of the big things just don't exist.

Be sure to check last weeks post if you missed it to see what were growing over here! The update is, we have green! So if all goes well, we will slowly have some home grown air plants! Whoo!

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