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August 30, 2014 2 min read

Anyone who knows me, understands my deep love of the 1960's Mod jewelry and fashions. I can't help myself, I lose my mind when I see a large bracelet made of Lucite, big rings or giant plastic sunglasses on a tiny head, geometric patterns and shapes for clothing on women's bodies! Patterns cut to A shapes or squares, sexy space age costumes, laser rays and music that includes a fuzz bass....I am roped in at the get go. I can't say how this happened for me, but what I can remember is raiding my Mother's closet and finding plastic raincoats and giant boots or platform shoes (which came a bit later) only to find myself at the neighbors yard sales buying the vintage jewelry they no longer wear to become my own. The more glitter and plastic it contained, the better. As I aged I found myself longing for the furniture of the "future", pottery and artwork of the 1960's...to say I am in deep, is an understatement.

One video that really brings it home for me is of Peggy Moffitt modeling a variety of styles to music. A mix of mod to bohemian, she was truly one of the worlds first Super Models. Here's to Peggy and Mod Fashion, may we see a revival soon.  In the mean time, you will continue to find some revivals on www.orangeblush.wpengine.com, beware, items will most likely be one of a kind.

Incidentally, if anyone can make me a copy of the red, black and white mini shirt dress in the video, send me a message, I lust after this. What is your favorite fashion period??

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Peggy Moffitt Modeling the Fashions of the Day

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